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Studio Booking


Studio Booking 

We have updated the Work Station booking system to re-introduce Open Access Drop-In use of the studio, but also allow members the chance to pre-book a Work Table in the studio. Access to shared equipment will be managed with additional cleaning time for the technicians throughout the day.

This means you can either Drop-In during our opening hours or book in advance by choosing your preferred date from the Drop Down Menu above. The technicians will then allocate the appropriate table for you. If you require specific equipment / access to the aquatint room, dark room, wash out room or stone graining room please let us know.

Process: Screenprinting, Textiles, Linocut, Letterpress, Monoprint, Drypoint, Collagraph, Lithography, Etching, Solarplate, Photoplate, Woodcut, Wood Engraving 


  • Work table 
  • Use of shared presses 
  • Use of shared drying racks
  • Personal studio kit (including pencil, ruler, scalpel, etc.) 

The cost for up to 6 hours is £20. If you wish to book a Work Table for a shorter slot please get in touch by phone 0116 2514174 or email Kezia -  

Here in the workshop the studio team have been working on operational logistics that will enable members to continue to come to the workshop with confidence. With restrictions now easing we have reassessed the configuration of the studio and we now have 14 well-spaced, bookable tables that still offer flexibility for different processes within our spacious studio. 

Our priority in this planning is the health and wellbeing of our members. With this in mind, we have created a much more structured environment that we hope will be both a pleasurable and inspiring space to work in. We will continue to follow the protocols in place to help members work productively and safely. 

This is new territory with restrictions starting to ease, so there may well be adjustments that we need to make as we move forward.  Should you have any particular concerns or need more information before you plan to use the workshop please do get in touch by telephone and speak with one of the studio team.