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Framing Room

Framing Room


Work Station: Framing Room

Processes: Framing, Mounting

Equipment: Framing equipment for use by inducted members only.

From 11th August 2020, LPW Members must book in advance to use the LPW Studio.

The cost for up to 6 hours is £20. If you wish to book a Work Station for a shorter slot of up to 3 hours only, please enter the code Up to 3 hours at checkout, which will reduce the price of your session to £12. 

Here in the workshop the studio team have been working on operational logistics that will enable members come to the workshop with confidence. The outcome of our planning is a more spacious configuration of the studio and 9 well-spaced, bookable Work Stations that offer flexibility for different processes. Our priority in this planning is the health and wellbeing of our members. With this in mind, we have created a much more structured environment that we hope will be both a pleasurable and inspiring space to work in. 

New protocols in place to help members work productively and safely include: individual use of the booked work stations and equipment; inks, materials and other studio ephemera issued to members individually; technicians providing additional services, such as exposing and cleaning screens, to manage safe access to equipment that is usually shared; cleaning and sanitising protocols; and additional cleaning time for the technicians at the end of the day.

A full risk assessment detailing the changes can be found here. This is however new territory and there may well be adjustments that we need to make as we move forward.  Should you have any particular concerns or need more information before you plan to use the workshop please do get in touch by telephone and speak with one of the studio team.

Members can select and book the appropriate Work Station for their needs. Chose your preferred date from the Drop Down Menu above to book Work Station 9: Framing Room.