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The Complete Linocutter Summer School

Location Leicester Print Workshop
Date & Time Tuesday 21st - Saturday 25th July
10.30am - 4.30pm
Tutor  Kevin Holdaway

Journey through the traditional relief printing process starting with a single colour, black and white image to understand the basic linocut process. Then quickly expand your toolbelt by exploring the reduction method of cutting and using CMYK colour separation to create detailed, multi-layered and multicolour linocuts. 

Kevin has been a Print Technician at De Montfort University for 30 years and has a long history of working with artists to create editions of work. He will share all his processes and best practice with participants, ensuring your next prints will be polished and confident. 

By the end of the week you will have had a full in depth course in lino cutting and produce at least three editions of prints.

Course Structure

Day 1 – Single Colour Linocut


  • Tutor and class introductions.
  • Introduction to relief printmaking with lino including examples.
  • Demonstration of the preparation of the lino block and image transfer.
  • Participants will prepare their blocks in accordance with the demo. 


  • Demonstration in cutting, registration, inking and printing up the blocks using the traditional presses and barens.
  • Participants will spend the afternoon proofing their prints, cutting and reprinting until desired final design is achieved.
  • Final design made into a small edition.
  • 3:30pm clear up.

Day 2 – Reduction Linocut


  • Introduction to the reduction process including examples.
  • Demonstrating the reduction process.
  • Participants to prepare their blocks and transfer image to the surface of the lino.
  • Participants to create an accurate registration sheet and make a list of the colours they are going to use in the process, from light to dark in order.
  • Participants to cut their paper to the size they want and numbers they require for their edition.
  • Participants to start to cut their blocks to reveal any white, or print their lightest colour.


  • Continue to cut and print blocks, overlaying each new colour on top of the previous one in register.
  • 3:30pm clear up.

Day 3 – Reduction Linocut (continued)


  • Continue to work on the layers of the reduction. Cutting and printing the layers gradually throughout the day.
  • Participants to edition their prints throughout the day.
  • 3:30pm Clean up. 

Day 4 – CMYK Linocut (multiple blocks)


  • Introduction to the four colour, multi block CMYK, process with examples.
  • Demonstration of the ways to register the images onto the blocks, by either using a key initial block or carbon paper.
  • Participants to spend the morning preparing the blocks.


  • Participants to cut the four blocks, proofing the blocks to check the printed design, throughout the afternoon.
  • 3:30pm Clean up.

Day 5 – CMYK Linocut (multiple blocks)

  • Participants to continue to work on the designs, finishing any cutting and proofing until desired final blocks are ready.
  • Demonstration of using the four transparent colour process, registering and printing.
  • Participants to print and edition their work.
  • 3:15 pm clean up.
  • 4.00pm – group discussion with presentation of prints and editions.

About the Tutor

Kevin Holdaway's work is of a topological and personal nature, encompassing many traditional techniques in printmaking. Though he particularly enjoys relief printmaking and spends a lot of time practicing this method. He has an enthusiasm for the urban environment, cityscapes and architecture, experiences of these are worked into image form, with the intention of reflecting memories and feelings associated with the spaces. His work involves many components: some of a topographical nature, others are more concerned with monumentalism, but all of his work explores pattern, tone, historical context, artistic references and social comment.

Leicester Print Workshop 

Leicester Print Workshop is the regional development centre for printmaking. Established by artists in 1986, we are a registered charity, supported by Arts Council England. Our RIBA award-winning building is situated in Leicester City Centre's Cultural Quarter and is home to a large, well equipped open access Printmaking Studio.

We have over 30 years’ experience of teaching people printmaking. Our programme offers the largest number and broadest range of printmaking courses in the region, with courses suitable for beginners as well as experienced printmakers, delivered by practicing artists and nationally renowned tutors. Participants learn in small and friendly groups in our purpose-designed studio.


Online: You can book online here by credit / debit card or Paypal.

Telephone: You can pay by card over the phone during our opening hours (Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm). Call us on 0116 251 4174.

In person: Call in to Leicester Print Workshop during our opening hours (Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm) to book and pay by card, cash or cheque.

Pre-course information: We will send you details of how to find us and what to bring with you when we process your booking. 


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