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Adventures in Never-Land


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Location Leicester Print Workshop
Date & Time TBC
10.00am - 4.00pm
Tutor  Kate Genever and Steve Pool

Please note this course is going to be rescheduled for a later date - to be confirmed shortly 

Learn how to make thought provoking prints using collage and silkscreen as part of an exciting new international contemporary art project with Poly-Technic artists Kate Genever and Steve Pool.

Never-Land. What will Europe feel like in 200 years? Can we imagine a place where national boundaries have evaporated, where everyone belongs and nobody stands on the in or out side?  

At this significant point in history, this workshop asks us to imagine Europe in 200 years - think into the future, challenge negative scripts and acknowledge the possibilities of a future that understands itself in ways that are not tied into the present state of things.

Ideas and prints generated at this workshop will form the catalyst of a project and exhibition in October with students at Liceo Artistico Guggenheim School and Ca’Foscari University, Venice.

The day will involve discussion, image making using collage, creation of a photo silkscreen and screenprinting. 

Course Structure

  • Welcome and introduction to workshop
  • Discussion of the central theme/s of the day and idea generation
  • Hands on play and image making using collage using found and curated materials brought in by the artists. Technical help to enlarge and copy work and experiment with imagery
  • Selection of final images to create screens


  • Demo:  screen making
  • Selection of inks and discussion of image placement and layering
  • Printing of poster sized work and encouragement to experiment and add further collage and perhaps wooden type
  • Using made work to create a series of postcards and discussion of project.

    About the Tutors

    The Poly-Technic, established in 2006, is the collaborative arts practice of Steve Pool and Kate Genever.

    Why Poly-Technic? Poly as in many and Technic as in techniques.

    The Poly-Techic works in places – any place and builds on a history of artists working with communities. Our contemporary social practice creates opportunities for ourselves and others to come together to make, talk, think and learn. We stepped, back a few years ago and asked ourselves what can we do that's worth doing or rather - What can art do, that’s worth doing? In response we decided to ask tough questions, critically think and open up 'active' spaces. To date these have included discussion groups, artist development, curated programs, radical print workshops, open call commissions and the production of work for exhibition.

    Manifesto -

    Abandon what you think you know: It’s not easy to gradually let go of well-developed expertise, we suggest that it’s best to abandon it all in one go. Disciplinary boundaries can only be collapsed when we stop holding onto disciplinary knowledge.

    It starts when it starts and finishes when it finishes: We are not afraid to part with or transform ideas into something new. Poly-Technic projects are always “In-Process”.

    Trust in the process: Trust yourself and trust in others, trust you will be surprised, trust you will be interested, trust in the future. Trust and belief depend on optimism; without which we are lost.

    Meaning is negotiated: The author died in 1967, his children carry on trying to make sense of just about everything.

    Conflict can be generative: Work hard to learn the difference between good conflict and bad conflict. But often it’s difficult to know the difference between the good and the bad until it’s too late.

    Stuff comes from stuff: Trying, helping, working, making, talking – new ideas come from doing.

    Make through thinking: The opposite of ‘stuff comes from stuff’, but it’s still active, its rigorous thinking

    Be playful – improvise: Play games, play serious games – Nabeel Hamdi

    Craft your practice: We could have said follow your line. The line is not to be broken, it is not marked on a short or long term strategic plan it flows from your feet and hands and entwines us with the world.

    Feel your wayThe artist’s business is to feel, although he may think a little sometimes… when he has nothing better to do. (John Ruskin)

    Question everything: Through deep reflection.


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